ventura-collegeEducation is expensive. Universities are out of reach for a large percentage of our nation’s children simply because of high tuition fees. And, while G. Haas can’t do anything about the fees being charged, he and the Gene Haas Foundation can make it more accessible for students with financial needs. That’s why they have given six grants totaling $101,000 from 2003 to 2008 to the ‘Promise Foundation,’ part of the Ventura College Foundation.

The Gene Haas Foundation awarded the Ventura College Foundation and its ‘Promise Foundation’ six grants in all. The majority of these funds went directly into scholarships for youth wanting to continue on to Universities who lacked the financial backing. In short, any child whose parents have a gross income of $85,000 or less qualifies for these scholarships and this guarantees free first year enrollment. This is a huge weight lifted from the children’s and the parent’s shoulders.

The Ventura College Foundation And The Promise Foundation

The Promise program sponsored by the Ventura College Foundation was created with three simple goals in mind: to make education more affordable for high school graduates, to increase the number of students in Ventura County, and to improve the quality of Ventura County’s workforce. As a result, any student whose parents make $85,000 or less per year will receive free entrance tuition for their first year. The fees covered include the Health fee, the per-unit charges, and the Student Center fee.

All that is required to receive the scholarships is a commitment to Ventura College, a free application fee for student aid, a Math and English assessment, an educational plan and goal as determined with the help of an educational counselor, and a completed application to the Promise program.

The Gene Haas Foundation And Its Goals To Improve The Community

Education is one of several causes Gene Haas supports through the Gene Haas Foundation since its inception in 1999. They have given more than $8.5 million to over 800 different organizations locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally. Of these 800 organizations, there are a variety of causes and needs including education, health, well-being, mental support, and basic needs. The American Red Cross, the Boys and Girls Clubs of California, and the National MS Society are just some of the organizations who have received grants from the Gene Haas Foundation.

The goal of all this is to improve the entire world community and in order to do that, the Gene Haas Foundation believes it needs to support individuals. They feel everyone should receive the support and care needed to have successful and happy lives. Unfortunately, it’s just too difficult to reach everyone who needs help on your own. That’s why groups who focus on providing for youth and families are so important to the Gene Haas Foundation.

G. Haas and the Gene Haas Foundation will continue to do our best to support the community on all levels. Together, we can all make this world a little better for everyone.

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